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Спутники AMSAT

AMSAT Fox-1 Satellites
Uplink FM
(67 Hz CTCSS)
Downlink FMComments
AO-91 (RadFxSat / Fox-1B)435.250 MHz145.960 MHzOperational
AO-92 (Fox-1D)435.350 MHz &
1267.359 MHz*
145.880 MHzOperational
* Switchable by command station. Not operational simultaneously.
SO-50 (SaudiSat-1C)
Uplink FM
(67 Hz CTCSS)
Downlink FMComments
SO-50 (SaudiSat-1C)145.850 MHz436.795 MHzOperational
SO-50 also has a 10 minute timer that must be armed before use. Transmit a 2 second carrier with a CTCSS tone of 74.4 Hz to arm the timer.
PO-101 (Diwata-2)
Uplink FM
(141.3 Hz CTCSS)
Downlink FMComments
PO-101 (Diwata-2)437.500 MHz145.900 MHzOperational
FM transponder activated by schedule. The Amateur Radio Unit can operate either as an FM transponder or APRS digipeater. See https://twitter.com/Diwata2PH for schedule. For more details, see http://phl-microsat.upd.edu.ph/diwata2
CAS-3H (LilacSat-2)
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
CAS-3H (LilacSat-2)144.350 MHz437.200 MHzOperational, but rarely active
When FM transponder is not on, there is a telemetry beacon on 437.200 MHz (LilacSat-2 Home Page). The FM transponder is on no set schedule. For real time updates about which mode the satellite is in, see the AMSAT Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page
IO-86 (LAPAN-A2)
Uplink FM
(88.5 Hz CTCSS)
Downlink FMComments
IO-86 (LAPAN-A2)145.880 MHz435.880 MHzOperational
Satellite is in a low-inclination low earth orbit and not visible north of about 30 degrees north or south of 30 degrees south. FM transponder operations are by schedule only. See https://twitter.com/lapansat for schedule updates.
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
AO-27145.850 MHz436.795 MHzOperational
Currently active for four minutes on ascending and descending passes over mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere
ISS Crossband Repeater
Uplink FM
(67 Hz CTCSS)
Downlink FMComments
ISS Crossband Repeater145.990 MHz437.800 MHzOperational, active for testing
Currently active for testing
FUNcube on ESEO
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
FUNcube on ESEO1263.500 MHz145.895 MHzIn orbit, commissioning
Also downlinks 4k8 BPSK telemetry.
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
CAS-5A145.925 MHz435.600 MHzLaunch June 2021
Also includes 3 linear transponders. CW Beacon 435.570 MHz. 4.8k / 9.6k GMSK telemetry 435.650 MHz.
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
CAS-7A145.950 MHz435.455 MHzLaunch May 2021
Also includes 3 linear transponders. CW Beacon 435.430 MHz. 4.8k / 9.6k GMSK telemetry 435.480MHz. 1 Mbps GMSK Image Transmission 10460.000 MHz
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
CAS-7C145.900 MHz435.690 MHzLaunch May 2021
CW beacon 435.715 MHz
Tevel Mission
Uplink FMDownlink FMComments
Tevel Mission145.970 MHz436.400 MHzLaunch Late 2020
8 identical 1U CubeSats. Transmits 9k6 BPSK telemetry by default, can be commanded to operate as FM repeaters.

В РСО-Алания работает радиолюбительский ретранслятор на частотах: 145.775 МГц прием, 145.175 МГц передача, расположен на высоте 3600 метров.

Вызывная частота для круглого стола радиолюбителей  145.300 МГц после 21:00.

В радиоклубе «Ирбис» ВОДНПТ установлен Эхолинк на частоте 145.250 МГц.

Поиск позывных на сайте APRS.fi

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